Standing tall and soaring higher by staying grounded with Mother Earth


At Veer-Chemie, we believe that true progress is possible only when we work in harmony with Mother Nature. Thus, as an environmentally responsible company, the plant houses a comprehensive effluent treatment and water recycling facility.

We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in and around Hyderabad, India. Not only are they outfitted with the latest equipment and technology, but are also extremely well connected by road, dry port and airport, thereby giving our customers the advantage of shorter load times and convenience of better inventory management.

We have a total of 65 reactors, installed with different materials of construction to suit the varied chemistries undertaken in order to process our wide product range. Veer-Chemie is constantly evolving to keep step with its competitors and hence, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance our spectrum of offerings. To this end, we have ample space that enables us to both expand our current capabilities, as well as install additional manufacturing infrastructure for new products.


Chemistries we work with

• Hydrolysis
• Acetylation
• Oxidation using Hydrogen Peroxide
• Hydrogenation using Precious Metal Catalysts
• Chlorination using POCl3
• Reactions Involving Methyl Nitrite
• Tetrazole Chemistry
• Purification using Ion-Exchange

• Esterification
• High Temperature Nitric Acid Oxidation
• High Pressure Hydrogenation – upto 20kg/cm2
• Chlorination using Thionyl Chloride
• Schmidt-Kolbe’s Reaction
• Reactions involving Hydrazoic Acid
• Salt Formations
• Strong Acid Leaching